Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is why I support the death penalty

But only online. Yes, I support the execution of some people. Their virtual lives are simply too terrible to be allowed to go on. Perhaps they spread hatred and preach violence. Perhaps they simply spread nothing but lies, but we all know the dangers of lies.

Hal Turner said on his blog that a few judges deserve to be killed due to their rulings on some gun laws in my area. He's in a little tiny bit of trouble due to that comment. I'm thinking he deserves the online death penalty.

Oh, what would online execution be? Basically a person is no longer allowed to live any virtual lives. They cannot use the internet for avocation of any opinions or for any social interaction beyond relationships which are first created in real life. They can pay bills and do other boring stuff like that. However they would be unable to blog, post on any forums, join chat rooms, or play any online games with any communication with others. They are dead online.

In this case the person displays not alone malice, but also stupidity. Obviously there's the bit of saying US judges should be killed, you know, potential death threats. I doubt it's something he'd have done himself. However ordering a murder isn't all that far from doing it oneself, maybe worse since you involve an extra person, ruining their lives as well. The stupid part is that he says this not over a law which will affect him. This isn't a ruling that federal agents can take his guns (if he has any) and ignore the third amendment, just for good measure. Yes, I did say third, why would I say second? That would be redundant (this isn't implying that local gun laws violate the second amendment). He's getting violent about something which has no effect on him and which those it does affect, they have ways to remove it which do not involve murder.

I also support the existence of lower penalties, such as temporary imprisonment from the internet. Short sentences would be excellent for team-killers and 3/4 of the people in trade chat. In related news, I decided to check out Gevlon's blog again, since he'd hinted that he was going to save Shadow Labyrinth. I wasted my time, he had nothing remotely worth reading on the first page, just his usual insulting of everyone except himself. In his case I'd support online torture, the slow removal of his blog, replacing it with a Hello Kitty blog written by poor mentally disabled adults who live on state support.

Just to clarify, as I attempted to indicate with the paying bills part, online execution is intended to have absolutely no effect on real life. So unlike the idiot blogger I mentioned (no the first one), I am not advocating murdering anyone. Murder is bad.


Unknown said...

I'd support the death penalty if it was Paris Hilton's dog we were going to kill. (For all you pet lovers out there, shut up! I don't really want to kill the dog). I can't even afford a $150K home, and that stupid little pooch is getting itself a 375K pad? Sorry for the tangent! Anyway, I agree about Gevlon...oh, do I ever agree!

Klepsacovic said...

Aw, don't blame the dog for the owner being who she is. I'm sure it's a nice dog that doesn't mean to be a gigantic drain on the world. It just wants to be petted and fed.

In semi-related news, the founder of the Special Olympics died today or yesterday and now I feel a bit bad about the Hello Kitty posts being written by the mentally disabled. Perhaps "uneducated, illiterate illegal immigrants who don't speak the language" would be a better fit. Yes, the posts are being written by the illiterate. And yes, of course they are paid an arbitrary minimum wage set by liberal politicians.

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