Monday, January 25, 2010

The most dangerous cult of our time

It's not radical Islam.

It's not even Christian extremists.

No, it's the fallen Cult of the Free Market.

This was once a peaceful, loving faith. They spread their gospel and virtues of hard work, perseverance, and prosperity. Sure, they were a bit backward, but it was a backward time known as the past. The early worshipers can be excused their harmful acts towards children and polluting the air and water, for they did not yet know what they did. And it was for a greater good, in addition to their own gain.

But this once great religion, this worship of freely-chosen economic decisions based on maximizing personal gain, it has fallen. Where it once followed the spirit of freedom, it now follows only in word. In place of the benevolent invisible hand, the cult now has a malicious and untouchable pantheon known as the Corporations.

These beings do not seek to bring balance. They do not seek prosperity. Instead they seek only their own power and profit, without regard for the harm they cause to the heathens or the faithful. These new gods are beyond reproach, held unaccountable for their actions. To question them in any way is heresy. To point out the truth, that they are not the once-benevolent spirit of the free market, is to invite personal attack and public scorn.

As Christianity rose in power it branded all other faiths as Pagan and devil-worshiping. Mirroring this, the rise of the corporation has brought the equally false labeling of any dissenters as socialist.

The cult of the Corporation is truly that, a cult, a religion. It has ceased to be a valid economic system, for it no longer cares about economics as a science. Science questions and examines and the corporations want nothing more for there to no questioning, only obedience. Followers have infiltrated all branches of government, written its scripture into law, and attack the separation of church and state at a scale that a few misplaced Ten Commandments could not even approach. As they write more loopholes and exemptions and shelters, the houses of worship for the cult have gained the same tax-immunity as any church would.

The time has come for two revolutions. First, government must be cleansed of the influence of the cult. Second, it is time for a reformation, a return to proper worship of the Market and the Invisible Hand, the benevolent forces which created our world; and the rejection of the Corporate Pantheon which is destroying it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I want my country back

The Supreme Court had decided that corporations, which are not people (which I hope is obvious), have free speech and therefore can spend however much they want to bribe... I mean finance elections.

Why should something which is not a citizen have any say in internal American politics? These are not Americans we're talking about here. They are corporations. They are international and care nothing for America except as it advances their own interests. That's their point: to make money, not to look out for the best interests of any state or national populace. This means that inevitably when their profits and national interests conflict, national interest will lose. This isn't mere theory and projection; it already happens on a routine basis.

Corporations are not even human. They pretend to be in order to manipulate and exploit, but that hardly justifies giving them any human rights. Do we give the vote to dogs who act like people and dress up for calenders? Of course not. That would be incredibly stupid.

Non-People should not have have free speech, or really any at all. They're not people and therefore should it is pointless to even consider the question of human rights in their case.

I want my country back. It is being taken from me by activist judges.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well shit.

It's amazing how 41 people saying "we don't care if you live or die" can inspire people to vote... in favor of them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Would you vote for Jesus?

Let's go through some facts:

Fact: Born in Bethlehem, a Palestinian-controlled area.
Fact: Had conflicts with the Jewish authorities.
Fact: Had long hair.
Fact: Traveled the current Muslin world, preaching.
Fact: Had a small band of devoted followers, one of which eventually committed suicide.
Fact: Was motivated to "die for our sins."
Fact: Attacked the Temple, disrupting both Jews and bankers.
Fact: Speaks frequently of peace and brotherhood.

I don't know about you, but this sounds a like like a Muslim extremist with a lot of ties who seeks to undermine our national defense. I'd keep an eye on supporters of this guy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In 50 years China will be Communist

On it's not Communist already. Does it look like they live in a roughly equal worker's paradise?

No, instead China has, without telling anyone (quite rude of them), jumped back to a feudal system. The peasants and craftsmen toil away on land which they do not own. The nobility (government) takes all the profit and gives no freedom. And is utterly useless and has power only because it has power. Nobility in all but name and blood.

But capitalism is rising there. Economic freedom, slowly, is emerging. They're getting richer. The idea of property is growing. And eventually, the capitalists will be powerful enough to displace the nobility.

But the Chinese are not as big on consumption as other cultures. They are learning, but perhaps not fast enough. They do produce a lot though. Eventually we're going to run out of money to give them. So they will have a crisis of overproduction.

At this point China will be industrialized but with plentiful farmland and excess products. Cue Marxist Communist revolution.

And then Google will move back in.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Communism ruined captalism

If not for the Communist revolution in Russia and the resulting rise of it as a foreign idea, Communist ideas may have taken root in America and the Western world. Not for a revolution, since that's highly unlikely in such an individualist set of cultures, but for recognition of the flaws and gradual reform. Things such as minimum wages, safety laws, injury compensation, and the various safety nets which keep setbacks from being devastating. But instead these were all branded as Communist infiltration and for a while, and still, are attacked as such.

Revolution hurt reform and everyone ended up worse off because of it.