Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stop using oil to generate 'renewables'

No this isn't about using oil to fuel tractors to generate ethanol. Why would I complain about that? There are plenty of other people to complain about that.

Instead I bring forth a different 'renewable' resource which is being generated with oil. Expensive oil. Increasingly expensive oil. And rare. If we don't control our excessive use of oil for this resource, we'll have none left.

We used to use coal. This wasn't as bad, since there's much more coal. And the furnaces powered by coal could have also used wood. But no, now we're high-tech and insist on the use of oil.

Can you imagine that we used to produce with pure manual labor? Hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and strength; those used to be valued in the industry. No more.

It is time we stopped wasting oil to fuel tanks and planes and helicopters over Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't even need coal or wood-burning factories. Instead we should return to the old days, when we butchered parents by hand with the perfectly renewable resource of anger.

In the industrial ages they were a renewable source of energy. Grown from surplus moldy bread, they powered our mines and factories and the remarkable thing was, building more factories and mines created more of them. It is time we returned to physical violence and unsafe factories, only then can we return to the orphan-based economy which made the world as prosperous as it is.

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