Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to be a worthless organization

Step one: Attack anyone is the same field.
Step two: Distort everything to suit your agenda.
Step three: You're done.

FOX gets bonus points for throwing in some religious sniping for good measure.

Fine, I'll admit it, they're right: his faith probably did motivate his actions. However FOX doesn't say exactly that. Instead they talk about being a Muslim.

The man in question was not a Muslim at the time of the shooting. Muslims don't randomly kill what were effectively innocent people. What I mean is that he may have called himself a Muslim, but his shooting was not him following the teachings of Islam. His shooting was him being something else, something wrong.

So to bring up Islam would be the same as to point at the Westborro Baptists as examples of how Christianity is bad. They call themselves Christians, but their true selves, what motivates them, is being intolerant, small-minded, and all-in-all cruel.

They claim in the article, criticizing another news commenter: "I think he's knee-deep in political correctness, as so many people are, including now, as we know, the United States military. Political correctness is turning out to be the death of this country."


Lies, deception, and half-truths are what kill our country. It was a lie that sent our troops to Iraq. It was deception that corrupted that soldiers faith. It is half-truths that spur paranoia and bigotry.

In the interest of being fully truthful, I must accept that FOX is not worthless. To be worthless it would have to have no worth, no value; zero. It is not zero though. It is negative. FOX is a blight upon the world media.

America needs a real conservative news organization, not this shit. They should be ashamed of themselves, but what's the profit in that?


G-Rebel said...

All major media is about profit. Show me one that isn't and I'll watch it faithfully.

FOX does suck, and I'm a fairly conservative bloke. MSNBC isn't much better, with CNN coming in third...then again, I think every anchor for CNN has always had a major crush on Obama, there was very little objectivity in that election.

Money rules! Maybe we should just let our economic structure fail. If you want groceries at the store you need to clean up on isle 4 first.

Klepsacovic said...

Have you tried any public radio? The station is Chicago, WBEZ, is pretty good. Not perfectly unbiased, but they're not big on spin and distortion, so it's more the sort of unconscious bias rather than intentional. They have a web stream, so you can listen from anywhere.

And hey, give CNN some credit on their taste, Obama's a good-looking guy; who could resist that slightly tilted-up look into the distance when tells us that he is seeing and contemplating the future?

If we let our economic structure fail, we might end up with the Communism thing that Marx kept predicting. Maybe this is the last crisis of overproduction? I doubt it, we'll just bail ourselves out again.