Monday, December 21, 2009

Irony in the Senate

What's the ideally ironic way to prevent a vote on health care reform? Pray they get sick. "'What the American people ought to pray is that somebody can't make the vote tonight,' Coburn said Sunday ahead of the vote." Then backpedal and claim that no, you weren't trying to invoke the wrath of God to sicken opponents to promote your own partisan agenda.

Of course he merely wanted them to be too tired to get to the vote. Of course!

Doesn't much matter either way. Sleep, sick, it's bullshit either way. If this was a joking side comment I'd laugh. But no, it was a serious suggestion. If this nation has any sense it will run him straight out of the Senate and keep going until he drowns somewhere in the Atlantic.

Is this what politics has sunk to? Praying for God to hurt your opponents? Well I pray that every hypocrite and traitor and liar in the Senate wakes up tomorrow with a brand on their foreheads. Oh but then we'd need emergency elections as they all call in sick!

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G-Rebel said...

I'm not surprised that someone in congress would eventually say something that callous. What does that say about me?

Honesty would solve most political problems in this country. Imagine an election where you know absolutely what a candidate believes and will work for.

How many republicans would have voted for Bush knowing that he would bloat the size of government to a scale that liberals could have never dreamed? If he was honest and said, "You know, huh hun, I'm gonna spend like a maniac, send out troops into needless battle, and push our country into debt and servitude to China, huh huh..." Would he have received more than 5 votes?

Burn a big H into all their foreheads and their chests until they turn hypocracy into honesty.