Friday, February 5, 2010

Creationism will lead to witchcraft

Creationism is based largely on an inability or refusal to objectively evaluate evidence.
Creationism is based on active misinterpretation of a book of parables based on the unchallenged assertion that it is absolute literal truth.

Put these together and what do we arrive at? Active suppression of thought and objectivity. Suppression of experimentation, of controls, of science and knowledge. What will take its place?

Some would like it to be Christianity. That is the plan of the Creationists. And in all likelihood, it will happen. Partially.

But ignorance and stupidity are not innately drawn to any particular system of beliefs, or any system at all. They drift and fumble in the dark, grasping at whatever they stumble across.

Much of what the ignorant find will not be Christianity, but older religions, or even older still, spirit-worship, voodoo (which actually is somewhat new, but the ideas of it are old), and all manner of heretical beliefs and practices. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that should creationism drive science out of teaching, we will see a rise in witchcraft.

Prepare for unintended consequences.

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