Thursday, October 21, 2010

Right finally stands up to foreign money in politics

Earlier I wrote about the blatantly illegal actions of the US Chamber of Commerce in using foreign money to influence American elections. Well finally the unending patriot Rush Limbaugh has taken a stand on foreign money in politics by...

Going after an American citizen
George Soros, a naturalized citizen for 50 years, made a donation to a media watchdog group known as Media Matters. Mr. Limbaugh jumped on this, as did many other right-wing extremists. Is it obvious liberal manipulation of politics? Well, sure! But it's not "foreign money in politics" and it's hardly comparable to the secretive, undisclosed donations to right-wing organizations. That's beside the fact that it's far more justifiable for an individual to donate money than someone like Rupert Murdock essentially stealing from FOX shareholders to fund the GOP.


Gronthe said...

Politics is like College Football recruiting, everyone cheats and everyone in the 'biz' knows that everyone else is cheating. But since they are all cheats, the only thing people cry out about are stories that make the ratings go up.

I don't for one second believe that the left or right really cares about foreign money as long as they are getting some of the action. And maybe that's why Rush is upset, because the donations didn't go to his PAC.

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