Thursday, November 1, 2012

Don't put King and MLK right next to each other

I had a bad morning.  First I set out on my journey to a part of Madison that I rarely go to.  I left way too early and got there with 20 or so minutes to spare.  So I wandered about in the cold, seeing something new at least.  Time for the meeting and I went into the address on King.  Except that there did not seem to be a third floor, not in that part of the building.  Hm...  I recheck and notice that I have the address wrong, off by one.  But that address isn't across the street.

At this point I'm late and rather frustrated.  I'd gotten there early, not late!  Thankfully, the people walking down the street were friendly and helpful, pointing out that there are two Kings, Martin Luther King that I was on, and King just around the corner.  I tried that one and managed to get to the meeting only 20 minutes late.

This leads me to a modest proposal: Do not put streets with similar names so close to each other.  This is especially problematic if they would be shortened in similar ways, such as King.

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