Thursday, January 14, 2010

In 50 years China will be Communist

On it's not Communist already. Does it look like they live in a roughly equal worker's paradise?

No, instead China has, without telling anyone (quite rude of them), jumped back to a feudal system. The peasants and craftsmen toil away on land which they do not own. The nobility (government) takes all the profit and gives no freedom. And is utterly useless and has power only because it has power. Nobility in all but name and blood.

But capitalism is rising there. Economic freedom, slowly, is emerging. They're getting richer. The idea of property is growing. And eventually, the capitalists will be powerful enough to displace the nobility.

But the Chinese are not as big on consumption as other cultures. They are learning, but perhaps not fast enough. They do produce a lot though. Eventually we're going to run out of money to give them. So they will have a crisis of overproduction.

At this point China will be industrialized but with plentiful farmland and excess products. Cue Marxist Communist revolution.

And then Google will move back in.

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