Friday, January 22, 2010

I want my country back

The Supreme Court had decided that corporations, which are not people (which I hope is obvious), have free speech and therefore can spend however much they want to bribe... I mean finance elections.

Why should something which is not a citizen have any say in internal American politics? These are not Americans we're talking about here. They are corporations. They are international and care nothing for America except as it advances their own interests. That's their point: to make money, not to look out for the best interests of any state or national populace. This means that inevitably when their profits and national interests conflict, national interest will lose. This isn't mere theory and projection; it already happens on a routine basis.

Corporations are not even human. They pretend to be in order to manipulate and exploit, but that hardly justifies giving them any human rights. Do we give the vote to dogs who act like people and dress up for calenders? Of course not. That would be incredibly stupid.

Non-People should not have have free speech, or really any at all. They're not people and therefore should it is pointless to even consider the question of human rights in their case.

I want my country back. It is being taken from me by activist judges.


G-Rebel said...

Corporations already have many rights of individuals because of how they are defined in law. It must be assumed that if a corporation can enter into contracts, incur debt and pay debt, pay taxes, sue or be sued - all things that an individual person does - the supreme court must have used justifications as these to grant them the rights it did.

The problem is that the people who speak on behalf of the corporation have motives that serve only the corporation and themselves, as you said as well.

I don't know how much this issue will be reported on generally, most will never know if this and many other supreme court decisions which are clearly bought and paid for by the American corporation. In my own life I've been a victim of the collusion between court and company, and I suffer from it every day, a painful reminder of what happens when dishonest people run our "justice" system.

I'm gonna throw out one more issue, the media outlets are businesses, not reporters of fact any longer. The only source for many as to what's going on in our country is already bought and paid for, so the public will NEVER get the truth until those media outlets start to shun their corporate beliefs and become unbiased...but that also will NEVER happen.

Klepsacovic said...

There is public radio, which struggles with funding and claims of liberal bias. And low audience numbers because people seem to prefer consuming fear and anger rather than truth.

I might not mind the corporation as person nonsense quite so much if they didn't seem to have all the benefits and none of the responsibilities. When was the last time a corporation was disbanded (equivalent of imprisonment or execution) for causing the deaths of hundreds of people?

Then there's the loss of defense. We can kill someone who threatens our nation or selves. We cannot kill a corporation.