Monday, January 25, 2010

The most dangerous cult of our time

It's not radical Islam.

It's not even Christian extremists.

No, it's the fallen Cult of the Free Market.

This was once a peaceful, loving faith. They spread their gospel and virtues of hard work, perseverance, and prosperity. Sure, they were a bit backward, but it was a backward time known as the past. The early worshipers can be excused their harmful acts towards children and polluting the air and water, for they did not yet know what they did. And it was for a greater good, in addition to their own gain.

But this once great religion, this worship of freely-chosen economic decisions based on maximizing personal gain, it has fallen. Where it once followed the spirit of freedom, it now follows only in word. In place of the benevolent invisible hand, the cult now has a malicious and untouchable pantheon known as the Corporations.

These beings do not seek to bring balance. They do not seek prosperity. Instead they seek only their own power and profit, without regard for the harm they cause to the heathens or the faithful. These new gods are beyond reproach, held unaccountable for their actions. To question them in any way is heresy. To point out the truth, that they are not the once-benevolent spirit of the free market, is to invite personal attack and public scorn.

As Christianity rose in power it branded all other faiths as Pagan and devil-worshiping. Mirroring this, the rise of the corporation has brought the equally false labeling of any dissenters as socialist.

The cult of the Corporation is truly that, a cult, a religion. It has ceased to be a valid economic system, for it no longer cares about economics as a science. Science questions and examines and the corporations want nothing more for there to no questioning, only obedience. Followers have infiltrated all branches of government, written its scripture into law, and attack the separation of church and state at a scale that a few misplaced Ten Commandments could not even approach. As they write more loopholes and exemptions and shelters, the houses of worship for the cult have gained the same tax-immunity as any church would.

The time has come for two revolutions. First, government must be cleansed of the influence of the cult. Second, it is time for a reformation, a return to proper worship of the Market and the Invisible Hand, the benevolent forces which created our world; and the rejection of the Corporate Pantheon which is destroying it.


G-Rebel said...

Eloquently put, but painting with a pretty big brush, aren't you?

Don't kid yourself, people haven't changed that much for thousands of years, we just develop new tools to achieve our goals. So, uh, you might want to change the tint of your glasses. :)

Today we have Corporations filling the roles of Ceasar, Senates, Emperors, Kings, and other rulers who acted with the same selfish recklessness as Corporations do today, and they had power to protect themselves against all scrutiny. With their money they control law and distribute their goods to a "targeted" group of individuals.

Corporations in and of themselves are not the problem, however, they are no more than tools in the hands of self-serving men and women. A corporation cannot act, becase as we know, even though they are a legal entity, they are not a person but managed by people.

Maybe our ire should be directed more specifically at the values people live by (i.e. those that run Corporations) than by the tools they create to further their selfish goals. But that's dangerous isn't it? When so many believe that people are free to act and speak how they choose, who are we to say they are wrong or bad for following their course?

Should law determine values? I don't think so and I don't you think so either, laws are corrupted by people. You clearly have set a standard of behavior based on something in your life from which you judge corporations. Corrupt business people do the same, how is their standard better or worse than yours?

You know me, I've commented enough, I believe in one standard. Corporations cannot change until people change.

Did I say that I agree? Because I do...mostly. I just wanted to delve further. Sorry for being so long-winded. It's a product of being made to think; basically it's your fault, so thank you.

Klepsacovic said...

The actions of people change with the situation, and corporations create a different situation. While we often are corrupted by the group, it can be more dangerous when the group exists only to amorally gather wealth.

G-Rebel said...

Yes, I agree that the actions of people can change with the situation, but it's people who created the situation in the first place. "Man" created Rome, not the other way around. The concept of a corporation was hatched in somebody's mind and slowly came to fruition.

I don't disagree with you at all, I hate corporations and their motives; but I simply wish that people would change so as to not WANT to create those situations in the first place.

Klepsacovic said...

I doubt anyone was sitting around thinking "you know, I'd really love to make a social/economic structure which cares about nothing except money." Corporations were a sensible creation; a way to spread out risk and pool capital and expand business. They got out of hand though as they expanded to the point that people could no longer control them. Now they are entities unto themselves.

Corporations wouldn't be bad if they were smaller and therefore less powerful and dominating.

G-Rebel said...

You know, you're probably right that before corporations existed there wasn't someone that had the vision to create something as corrupt as corporations are today.

Again you are right when you say that corporations were a sensible creation, and things are definately out of control. The allowing of mergers and acquisitions in capitalistic societies have fueled this as well.

All I'm saying is that you or I or anyone that is not mentally impared can choose to capitulate to outisde influences and situations, or stand firm to a core belief ("being true to yourself, someone might say"). Ultimately a lot of people fell prey to the ideas that have made corporations what they are today. And many of these people actually believe they are doing good in this world by perpetuating this environment.

People have and do exist, however, that think ONLY about gaining more money and power. I have worked for some, and some insanely wealthy people have admitted this to me. And I think these thoughts and motives have been around cultures for thousands of years, hence I still believe that corporations simply fill the role of Tyrant Kings of old, but they are FAR MORE sophisticated in doing so.

Thanks for not deleting my comments, I'd understand if you don't like such lenghty responses on your blog. As you say, discussion is a good thing, I hope I didn't call you names in the process.

Klepsacovic said...

I only delete two kinds of comments: spam and my own if they turn out to be really stupid after I post them. I suppose I'd also delete if you filled every other word with profanity, but that has not yet been an issue on my blogs.

Disagreement, or partial agreement, or whatever you want to call it, is important. I think I'm always right but I know I'm not, and if I blind myself to dissent I'll become stupider for it. Like someone we know. Cough cough. Cough. Yes, I am saying, not emoting cough.